Ordinances & Information

If you would like immediate assistance or access to our ordinances or other information, please call us at (805) 968-2617, or email: info@goletawest.org.


Dedication of Sewer Facilities and Improvements: Ordinance No. 58
Sewer Use: Ordinance No. 60
Enforcement of Rules & Regulations: Ordinance No. 62
Regarding Claims Against Goleta West Sanitary District: Ordinance No. 7-75
Regulating Industrial Waste Pretreatment: Ordinance No. 13-84
Holding and Conduct of Board Meetings: Ordinance No. 16-87
Relating to Fees and Charges for Sewer Services: Ordinance No. 18-90
Setting Director Compensation: Ordinance 19-91

Other Information

Design and Construction Standards for Sewer Facilities
Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP)
SB 272 – Enterprise Systems Catalog Required information

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