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Street Sweeping

Street Sweeper sweeping side of road


Since 1963, Goleta West Sanitary District has been providing street sweeping service for Isla Vista and western Goleta.

The District was the first South Coast agency to implement a street sweeping program that removes trash and toxins from storm water runoff that flows into our creeks, wetlands, ocean and beaches. Unlike many government agencies, Goleta West owns and operates a street sweeper, making this service very reliable and flexible. Eastern Goleta street sweeping is contracted out by the City of Goleta.

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Learn more about our Adopt-a-Block program by visiting our Environmental Programs page.

Schedule (See Street Sweeping Calendar HERE)

Map and schedule updated October 2011.

Please remember to remove your car from the street on the day sweeping is scheduled for your neighborhood. Regular sweeping prevents debris from entering storm drains and ocean pollution.

Street Sweeping Map


Download a copy of our Street Sweeping Map here:

Street Sweeping Map 418.3 KBHOT